Building political support

Whatever your proposal for local authority parks, it is important to have political support. Councillors – who will be responsible for making key decisions – will want to be involved in the process of parks transformation.


The local authority’s project team (usually under a Directorate for Place, or Transformation if one exists) will be accountable to their respective portfolio holder. The project team should make councillors aware of best practice and ensure ongoing dialogue to enable effective decision making and facilitate the building of wider political support within the Council.


The animation, below, provides an introduction to the Parks Trust model, and can be used as a discussion point with councillors and senior officers to explore how that model could work in your place.

Addressing concerns

In our experience, Councillors (and members of the community) may have a number of concerns and queries when considering parks transformation.


Guidance can be found throughout the toolkit which can be used to address these concerns: 

  • How can we be sure that the new model will be financially sustainable? See Creating a financial model.
  • How can we ensure public accountability? What is the ongoing role of the local authority regarding governance? See Governance.
  • Will the public support our approach? How do we engage with them to help shape the proposal? See Engagement and consultation.
  • Is an endowment feasible? How would we raise this? See Funding an endowment.


To open these downloadable resources you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be downloaded from