How to use this toolkit

This easy-to-use toolkit has been designed to follow the parks transformation journey, from setting up a project team through to the issues you will need to consider in exploring your options and implementation. 


To navigate around the toolkit, you can use the green tabs on the homepage, or the dropdown menu. In the menu, click on a chapter title to reveal its sections. Clicking on a section will take you to our learning in that particular area.


Screengrab of the home page
Clicking on the green arrows in the white bar at the top of the page will also move you through the toolkit, each section and chapter in turn. 
You can either follow the toolkit through from start to finish, or just refer to specfic sections that are of interest to you. The search function at the bottom of the screen will help you locate the content you're looking for. Hyperlinks have been included to take you to other relevant sections of the toolkit, or to external resources that might be useful to you.
Where a section contains downloadable resources, these are labelled in bold italics and included in the resources section at bottom of each page. All of the resources included in the toolkit are collated in the Future Parks resources library at end of this toolkit. 
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