This section tells Newcastle's story as they look to secure a sustainable future for the city's parks and green spaces.

Newcastle's parks and green spaces are a critical part of the city's green infrastructure and are key to the city's social, environmental, and economic prosperity. However, Newcastle City Council has seen its parks budget cut by 91% since 2010-11.


Supported by funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), National Trust and the Council’s own funding, Newcastle City Council has explored alternative funding and management solutions to secure and grow the public benefits which parks provide, such as physical and mental health and ecosystem services. 


Following a rigorous process of consultation and development, the Council has decided to establish a new, independent charity – Newcastle Parks Trust – to care for all 33 of the city’s parks and over 50 hectares of allotments, as indicated on the map below.



The council is now working with National Trust and others to set up the new charity and help get it off to the best start possible.