Is a Parks Trust right for you?


Before exploring your town or city’s options for parks, including the potential of a charitable Parks Trust, local authorities might want to consider the following three questions.


Answering these critical questions will help to test the potential of parks transformation for your council and in your local area.


  • Are councillors prepared to move to a new delivery model where parks are not owned and run solely by the local authority? A model where the local authority retains a key stake but is one of a number of partners caring for parks.

  • Is asset transfer (freehold or long lease) to a separate Trust a possibility?

  • Is the local authority in a position to contribute capital or funding to an endowment?


To make the path smoother, we recommend that you:

  • Allocate a dedicated Project Manager with access to the skills needed in a project team (See our Getting started section)
  • Know your park assets inside out and be able to document this knowledge
  • Obtain sponsorship from a Senior Officer and get local politicians on board


The National Trust is not alone in thinking about the future of parks and we have benefited from a range of good practice examples. Many are included in the Other resources section of this toolkit.