People and skills

The skills that you need to run an independent parks entity are likely to be different to those managing a local authority service, and you may need to build into your structure roles that supplement the transferred skillset.


New in-house expertise might include:

  • fundraising and donor development
  • marketing and communications
  • business development and enterprise
  • commercial portfolio management
  • IT and systems


You will also need to identify how skills that have been provided by 'back office' departments in the local authority, such as financial expertise, legal advice, HR support, etc are provided under new management. Outsourced or in-house, shared services or bespoke? 


Different skills are required at governance, management and operations level, see Understanding the skills you need below for some suggestions.

Volunteering and participation

Volunteering and participation is an area of real opportunity, particularly for a charitable Parks Trust. It can help to engage more people in caring for their local park and add value by sharing skills. 


Some local authority staff will have experience of managing volunteers but a Parks Trust would be in a position to test some new approaches.


If volunteering is going to be a key part of your model, our Pathway to volunteering and community involvement in a Parks Trust below, will help to guide your thinking when developing a volunteering and community involvement plan.


Photograph of a litter-pick in a public park

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