Resources for implementation

Both the Shadow Board and the new Board of Trustees will be volunteers undertaking strategic, planning and advisor roles. They will need support and staff resources in order to deliver the day to day management of the Parks Trust.


For the Shadow Board, this may simply be in kind support to provide some secretariat functions, access to meeting rooms etc. However, they may also benefit from having access to a small budget to attend meetings and cover day-to-day expenses. The new Parks Trust may need a larger budget to access expert support, facilitation and independent legal advice.


Consideration will need to be given to the resources that a Shadow Board or project team require. Funds and support should therefore be accessed through the local authority or an agreed third party funded by the local authority.  


Once established, the new Parks Trust will have some significant early responsibilities before asset transfer has taken place (and therefore before it is able to generate income):

  • finalising the business model and business plan
  • negotiating the terms of the lease from the local authority
  • agreeing the transfer of existing staff
  • fundraising


Again, consideration will need to be given to how these are resourced.

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