Skills needed in the project team

Exploring how to transform parks in your area required dedicated capacity. In particular, we recommend that a dedicated Project Manager is allocated to the project. They should have access to a range of skills and knowledge within the local authority.  


Capacity will need to be created, particularly for those that are currently service directors, financial managers and operational managers. These are essential people to guide the creation of a robust model. 


Illustration showing skills needed in the project team


The project team may also include external experts, stakeholders, or critical friends.

Heritage Lottery Fund now has a Resilient Heritage Fund, and it may be worth applying to this programme to part fund transition planning. This could provide extra resources to pay for project management and commission specialist advice. 

Whilst there is a wealth of insight and advice on this website, bespoke support can also be commissioned from a range of expert consultants. Key partners that have led this project are available for commissions: 

  • National Trust's External Partnerships Team holds the experience and knowledge gained from this project, as well as access to National Trust specialists, and can be commissioned to deliver consultancy advice on areas including masterplanning, options analysis and business planning.
  • Social Finance has worked in partnership with the National Trust to develop financial models for parks operations. These outline the local authority's financial position today, what it could be in the future (e.g. under a charitable Parks Trust), and the financing options to enable the transition to happen. Social Finance can be commissioned to provide a bespoke service for local authorities.
  • Shared Assets has been a key partner in planning governance and implementation and can also be commissioned to provide advice in this area.
  • Vivid Economics has developed a robust methodology for measuring the public value of parks and green spaces and can be commissioned to develop Natural Capital Accounts (NCA) for your local authority.


If this is of interest, please get in touch via the Contact page.


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